Levelling lunacy

Spotted on a job in the UK, a boom lift on a city centre site with a seemingly slapdash approach to providing firm level base.

The concrete pad is clearly incomplete with a 150 to 250mm drop off. In order to allow the articulated boom lift to work half on half off the slab, someone on site has thrown together a collection of timber scraps to create a platform for the boom lift to run on, which is clearly unsatisfactory.

One has to assume given the location, that this is a major contractor site, yet how can such a sloppy and careless approach not have been picked up? Assuming the machine was actually set up for use, which looks to be the case, who would be stupid enough to go up in it like that?

Call us naïve, but it is of course possible that this was just an initial attempt to level the machine, and that either the protagonists or a site supervisor subsequently said “No No No!” we cannot do it this way it is unsafe.”
Let’s hope that is what actually happened…

Have a safe weekend, and if you are celebrating Christmas, a wonderful holiday period.


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