Tower crane jib strikes hospital

A tower crane came crashing down onto the roof of a hospital in Tournai, Belgium yesterday afternoon, as Storm Eunice rolled in with winds of around 130km/80mph.

The crane’s tower failed just above a transition section, dropping the top half of the tower, complete with jib, back mast and cab. It seems that the operator was in the cab at the time and was seriously hurt in the incident, although his injuries are not thought to be life threatening.

The crane was one of several working on a new wing of the hospital and came down on the hospital's geriatric ward and crèche. The bottom half of the tower remained in place, and we understand that no one was seriously hurt inside the hospital, however, around 120 patients and staff had to be evacuated.

An investigation has also started to determine why the operator was in the cab when a storm warning had been issued. The other cranes have been checked and at least one of them dismantled today.
The news video below includes other views of the incident.


Incredible sad what happens with injured and dead people on the worksites. At least 3 Potain cranes fell down this weekend in Europe

Feb 21, 2022
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