Fatal lift incident in Italy

A man in Italy using a spider lift died on Thursday after his platform was struck by a falling mobile phone antenna.
The platform suffered a catastrophic failure after it was struck

The incident occurred just north of Monza/Milan at the San Giorgio furniture factory on a trading estate in Biassono. Frederico Neves Bastos, 33, and a colleague were in the process of replacing or repairing a mobile telephone antenna on a silo alongside one of the buildings at the plant. They were working from the basket of a Palazzani spider lift, when one of the antenna masts broke free from the silo and crashed into the basket causing a catastrophic failure which tipped Bastos and his work colleague out of the platform.
The platform was hit by an antenna seen in the bottom left of the photograph

We have been told that they were both wearing a harness with lanyard, but Bastos struck the silo or possibly by the antenna mast and died at the scene from his injuries. The other man, 26, was rushed to hospital where he was treated for his injuries. We understand that they were not serious.
The silo and antenna masts


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