800t flagship for Magis

Italian company Magis has taken delivery of a new 800 tonne Liebherr LTM 1750-9.1 All Terrain, which becomes its new flagship crane.

The nine axle LTM 1750-9.1 travels with its 52 metre main boom and once on site up to 91 metres of lattice extensions can be added along with the Y-guying Superlift system to achieve a maximum tip height of just under 160 metres with the main boom extended to 49 metres, a 19 metre extension between the boom nose and jib pivot point and topped by the full 91 metres of luffing jib. The maximum radius is 116 metres at which it can handle 1.81 tonnes. The capacity on the fully telescoped main boom is just under 100 tonnes - or 208 tonnes with the Y-Guy system installed.

Maximum counterweight is 204 tonnes, and the crane can travel with boom and front outriggers installed within 12 tonne axle loads. The 800 tonne upgrade for the LTM 750 has been available since 2020.
The handover

Based in Taranto at the top of the Heel of Italy in the far south, crane and heavy haulage company Magis has been renewing its fleet in stages over the past four years ensuring that any new cranes include the latest developments in safety and sustainability. The company employs 18 and has been active in the crane market for almost 40 years. The company’s next planned acquisition is a 700 tonne, eight axle Liebherr LTM 1650-8.1.

The LTM 1750-9.1 will be used in construction, renovation and plant demolition work in steelworks, chemical and petrochemical plants as well as installing large, prefabricated components and the erection and maintenance of wind farms.
Andrea Caroppi of Magis said: “At the end of all our deliberations, we decided on a Liebherr telescopic mobile crane, which delivers a high level of mobility as well as short set-up times whilst also being powerful in its various configurations. The new crane expands the capacity of our portfolio. Another criterion in deciding on the LTM 1750-9.1 was its flexibility for operating in all sectors and wide range of uses with powerful boom systems. As for all the other new machines in our fleet, the decision was made to purchase from Liebherr because the company stands for technical reliability, performance, innovation and an eye for detail.”
The handover (L-R)Florian Maier of Liebherr, Fabio Fenzi of Liebherr-Italia, Andrea Caroppi of Magis with Roberto Fazzini and Emanuele Perrone of Liebherr-Italia

“We believe that a crane of this type and capacity will enable us to complete hoisting work which has previously been beyond us, for example for the erection of wind turbines,” added Caroppi.


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