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A new Grove TTS9000-2

A new model has been added to the Grove North American truck crane line with the launch of the four axle 115 US ton/100 tonne TTS9000-2 with all wheel steer.

The new crane features a six section 51.6 metre Megaform Twin Lock pinned boom to which a 10.5 to 17.6 metre bi fold swingaway extension can be added plus an eight metre insert for a maximum tip height of 80.3 metres. The extension can be offset hydraulically by up to 45 degrees.
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The outriggers have four working width settings, including fully retracted but down, with 57 and 79 percent partial extensions and fully extended with a seven metre spread. Nine counterweight configurations are available from zero to 22 tonnes.
The crane, which joins the current TMS 9000-2 with which it shares a good deal of componentry and parts commonality, has an overall travel width of 2.57 metres and an overall length of just under 13.5 metres, while the chassis is just under 11.5 metres long. The overall height is 3.58 metres. Possible travel weight configurations range from 36.4 tonnes to 50.5 tonnes.
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The hydraulic luffing swingaway offsets by up to 45 degrees

The crane has improved ground clearance as well as approach and departure angles, with all wheels steer, while the front two axles are steer only and the rear two drive and steer. Each of the all wheel steering modes Crab, Co-ordinated and Front of rear only can be activated by the operator at the click of a button on the right hand console. Top speed is 65mph. Other features included standard cab tilt of 20 degrees and a remote controller for rigging.
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The in cab Crane Control System screen

Product manager JJ Grace said: “We listened to the input of customers who were passionate about the need for rear steering capability and worked with Manitowoc’s Lift Solutions engineers and other teams to leverage our successful TMS9000-2 platform and make this new crane a reality. Once again, our commitment to the Voice of the Customer process resulted in the development of an innovative new model that will greatly benefit both Manitowoc and our customers.”

“One of the model’s biggest advantages is that the operator doesn’t have to manually adjust the rear wheels, as this feature has traditionally been engaged on similar machines. By incorporating automated controls, our system is designed to be intuitive for operators of all levels. This new model is a great option for customers looking for advanced steering options in a compact package, in conjunction with the best truck crane features on the market.”

“During development, we worked closely with a customer who services wineries and utilities in Northern California. He routinely has to overcome some very steep inclines in addition to extremely tight switchbacks, which were nearly impossible with his front steer truck crane. When he put the TTS9000-2 into rear steer mode, it glided up gravel roads with grades over 19 percent. On another winding road, where he’d previously needed to perform a six point turn, he was now able to make the bend without having to back up.”
The new crane is available now throughout the Americas.

Vertikal Comment

All wheel steer and improved ground clearance aims to imitate All Terrain crane features, without the cost and complexity, while also offer the higher road speeds and cheaper and more widely available replacement parts and components, all of which helps keep operating costs down without sacrificing any critical performance criteria. The downside is the less sophisticated suspension systems and all wheel drive potential.

The concept is a decent one, but not one that is likely to gain traction in Europe any time soon.