Fatal boom lift incident

A man died when a sudden storm hit the town of Lebanon, Indiana - north west of Indianapolis - last Wednesday, when the boom lift he was working from overturned.

The man was working on a construction site of a new automated cold store facility for logistics company NuCold. The site managers had been warned of the imminent arrival of thunderstorms with high wind speeds and were in the process of stopping work at the site. The deceased was in a fully telescoped twin boom articulated boom lift at the time and had just started his descent when a strong gust apparently caused the lift to overturn. No one else was hurt in the incident.

The man suffered multiple injuries to his back and legs and passed away from his injuries.

OSHA and IOHSA has launched an investigation in co-operation with the Lebanon police Department, the Coroner’s Office and the National Weather Service.

Photos courtesy of the City of Lebanon Fire Department/ Boone County Coroner’s Office


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