Genie Spill Guard goes global

Genie has launched its Lift Tools Spill Guard hydraulic oil containment system on its E-Drive slab electric scissor lifts.

The Spill Guard system can be factory installed on all electric drive models from 14 to 40ft platform height - 6.2 to 14 metres working height. It comprises a single swing out rectangular tray with absorbent pad for catching any hydraulic oil leaks. One advantage is that the tray takes standard pads, with no need for any cutting or fitting. Genie makes the point that the tray is built in and does not rely on magnets to remain in place. Another small tray is located below the hydraulic steer cylinder.

One advantage of the E-Drive models is that the only hydraulics on board are the lift and steer cylinders, in fact the E-Drive models eliminate 70 percent of all hydraulic fittings already reducing the chance of leaks.

Product manager Christian Dube said: “An increasing number of jobsites, such as data centres and environmentally sensitive areas, require a hydraulic oil containment system. Spill Guard is an economical solution that fulfils these requirements and mitigates the risk of costly clean ups on finished floors.”

Vertikal Comment

The idea of modern built in integrated leak containment systems was introduced by MEC in 2019 with the company applying for patent which it apparently was granted. Quite how broad the patent is and what it covers will almost certainly have been checked out by competitors, such as Genie which have now launched their own versions.

Demand for such systems has increased dramatically in the past year or two as an increasing number of contractors, particularly in North America demand such systems, rather than the old underbelly diapers. It will be interesting to see if the wider adoption triggers any patent infringement suits.


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