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Liebherr upgrades LHM harbour mobiles

Liebherr has unveiled details of its new LHM mobile harbour cranes, which the company says are “more digital and more efficient” with a modern updated look, an updated cab, a new crane control system, advanced sensor integration and digital information transmission and partial automation systems. They also include Liebherr’s Pactronic hybrid system.

The range will eventually include the same seven models as the current line-up, the LHM 120, LHM 180, LHM 280, LHM 420, LHM 550, LHM 600 and LHM 800 with maximum capacities from 42 to 308 tonnes. But with a major upgrade that the company says will create a much more digital, networked, and smarter crane.
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The new Liebherr LHM model

At the core of the change is the new ‘Master V’ crane control system which includes all new more efficient software architecture, which forms the base for integrating future remote assistance and partial automation systems into the crane over the life of the crane.
The variable set up and positioning of the outrigger system is now monitored by sensors and fed back into the crane’s internal data processing system in a similar manner to the company’s VarioBase system on its mobile cranes. The adoption of a new outrigger base in the field will only require a software update to bbe downloaded from Liebherr.

Another practical advantage is the variable use of digital IP cameras to monitor the crane internal as well as external environment. The new crane control is supplied by an independent power circuit, which allows the crane to be continuously monitored by cameras and efficiently protected without the crane ignition being activated.

New Pactronic 2.0 hybrid system
The Liebherr Pactronic 2.0 hybrid system represents the second generation of hydraulic drive system using hybrid technology. An accumulator serves as an energy storage device and provides support when needed by supplying additional, temporarily stored power.
The second generation of the Pactronic offers the operator a choice of two operating modes, depending on the current work situation:-
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Boost mode in which Pactronic 2.0 multiplies the power available, such as significantly increasing lift speeds without the need for a larger or even additional engine for more power. Significantly increasing the efficiency of the crane.

Green mode This mode is designed to save fuel or power consumption and to reduce CO2 emissions. During the lifting process, the Pactronic supports the main unit to such an extent that less power is required by the main drive, despite the lifting speeds remaining the same. As a result, absolute fuel or power consumption and emissions are reduced.

The second generation Pactronic is more closely aligned to the actual needs of the user. By setting the individual lifting height, the power output of the Pactronic is adjusted accordingly. The additional energy of the system is distributed over the entire lifting process and reacts to changes in the outside temperature and the accompanying change in pressure in the reservoir, thus further increasing the efficiency of the system.

New cab
The redesign of the LHM operator's includes a new coupling of control lever and armrest, improve operator comfort crease, but the control of the crane also becomes even more precise and safe. With the new integrated touch panel, all crane functions can be
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the new cab

selected clearly and intuitively, which greatly simplifies the operation of the crane. An integrated bottle cooler keeps drink cold - even on warm days. A revised climate control also ensures that fogged windows are either avoided or quickly cleared.

Visually the new generation of LHM cranes feature a new livery, combining classic Liebherr yellow with new accents in black, grey, and white. A blue accent and E-symbol also identify the crane as being more environmentally friendly.
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