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Tadano upgrades 180t telecrawler

Tadano has announced the harmonisation of its telescopic crawler crane range nomenclature and an upgrade of its 180 tonne GTC-1800EX to the 200 tonne 'class' GTC-2000.

The upgrade does not require any structural changes, but it does require a software change, with new load charts for a fixed position with no slew, and one for up to 180 degrees slew. The crane has a maximum load moment of 585 tonne/metres which would give a theoretical nominal capacity of 200 tonnes at a radius of 2.93 metres - but it is formally rated at 2.5 metres. The upgrade is available immediately with all new shipments being the GTC-2000.
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The GTC-1800EX becomes the GTC-2000

Nomenclature change
The rest of the telescopic crawler crane line, all of which are built in the USA, will adopt the North American nomenclature which uses US tons rather than tonnes and the EX suffix will be dropped.
So, the GTC-350EX becomes the GTC-350
The GTC-500EX changes to the GTC-550
The GTC-600EX becomes the GTC-700
The GTC-800EX changes to the GTC-900 and…
The GTC-1200EX switches to the GTC-1300
The change over which only effects non North American buyers, will take effect later this year.

As already mentioned, the German built GTC-1800EX telescopic crawler becomes the GTC-2000 immediately. The upgrade kit also contains new decals and manuals as well as the software update.

The company announcement said: “The fact that the new Tadano GTC 1800EX telescopic boom crawler crane was a powerful representative of its capacity class quickly got around the entire industry. Accordingly, the extremely versatile crane is popular with customers worldwide, and the high demand it generated ensured that the model would become an immediate success the moment it became available in November 2020. In other words, the idea of developing and building a telescopic boom crawler crane in Zweibrücken as part of Tadano’s expansion strategy has been bearing fruit.”

“One of the largest telescopic boom crawler cranes in the market, the Tadano GTC-1800EX offers fully self-rigging operation and a powerful maximum load moment of 585 tonne/metres. With its strong load chart and lifting capabilities, the GTX-1800EX offers the lifting capacity of 200 tonne class cranes in multiple configurations.”

Product manager Vincent Stenger added: “Customers kept telling us that their experience in the field showed that in several configurations, the GTC 1800EX had a performance potential that far exceeded its class. Therefore, we are renaming the model to the GTC-2000 for all markets to better align with the crane’s lifting capacities.”