Hyva adds to Non CE range

Loader crane manufacturer Hyva has extended its HB mid-size basic crane range with three new loader cranes with capacities of 10, 15 and 20 tonne/metres. The HB102, HB152 and HB202 booms have between one and six extensions, while the HB152 is available with the E3J2 jib and the HB202 with the E5J2 jib.
The new HB 102, 152 and 202
The company defines the new models as Core Line cranes – developed for non CE markets , while featuring a modern design and superior comfort.

The new models incorporate an improved structural design, pre-assembly painting, new oil tanks, new stabiliser controls, load limit devices, and a new user friendly control station, helping improve comfort during operation. Radio remote controls – an HC-D4 Hetronic or Scanreco, is also available. The cranes support a range of accessories including winch, additional functions for attachments, oil cooler, working lights and an audible/visual warning device.

Global product manager for cranes Giuseppe Bevacqua said: “This re-styling is both aesthetic and functional, positioning the Core Line alongside our EDGE Line in appearance and also raising the functionality and performance of Hyva’s non CE Cranes.”

Founded in 1979 Hyva is based in Alphen aan den Rijn in The Netherlands and operates across 110 countries with over 3,500 employees. It operates 30 subsidiaries globally, and runs 14 production facilities in Brazil, China, Germany, India, and Italy.
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