Battery electric Böcker crane

German aluminium crane manufacturer Böcker has launched a new 230volt/battery electric truck crane - the four tonne capacity AK 37e.

Böcker’s previous electric powered cranes required a 400 volt power source, something not always available, especially when working on a residential job site, as is often the case with this type of crane.
The new Bocker AK37e

In order to provide the power required Böcker has adopted a similar technology to that used on the latest mobile self-erecting tower cranes which employ a battery pack between the main input and the crane’s drive line. The AK37e has been designed to be more far more energy efficient than its high voltage predecessor, which when combined with the unit’s ‘state of the art’ lithium-ion battery pack, allows the crane to be operated continuously when plugged in, with the charger topping the batteries up as rapidly as the crane draws power, this is especially true given the fact that most crane applications involve intermittent operation with virtually no power consumption when simply holding a load or during load slinging.

The battery pack also allows the crane to be operated autonomously for what the company describes as “a long time”. It can also be operated from the diesel chassis via the usual Power Take Off system.
The new crane’s electrical hub

As with the regular AK37 the electric model features a 36 metre maximum tip height at which point it can lift 250kg, thanks to its four section boom topped by a three section hydraulic luffing jib/upper boom, maximum single line speed is 45 metres a minute.
The boom and jib in operation

The crane can also be converted into a truck mounted lift, thanks to its Easy-Lock platform attachment system and its fully integrated work platform attachment which offers a working height of just over 30 metres, with a maximum outreach of 24 metres with 100kg in the platform or almost 22 metres with the maximum capacity of 250kg.
Converted to a truck mounted work platform

The crane also has variable outrigger levelling and set up with automatic footprint monitoring and corresponding load chart selection. Its limited tailswing allows it to safely set up at the edge of a road, narrow driveways or within small parking spaces and operated within the space. Operation is via the intuitive radio remote controller, which displays all operations on the full graphic display in just one operating level. The AK37e can be mounted on a two axle 7.5 tonne truck chassis.

The company said: “Low noise and low emission 230 volt operation as a crane or working platform not only protects the environment but also pleases residents. At the same time, the readily available connection to a normal power outlet makes permanent electrical use possible for the first time on any building. The new AK 37e operates with optimised consumption and requires significantly less energy than comparable cranes. To minimise energy draw, a stop-and-go automatic system limits power consumption and activates the electric motor only when necessary."


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