New 70t Grove truck crane

Grove has launched a new 80 ton/70 tonne truck crane the TMS800-2, replacing the TMS800-E.

The new four axle crane incorporates features developed for the manufacturers’ larger truck mounted and All Terrain cranes. Improvements include increased capacities, variable outrigger set up, a new cab and reductions in weight, allowing more counterweight to be carried within road regulations.
The new Grove TMS800-2

The crane can carry its full 12.7 tonnes of counterweight while remain within many state axle and tyre limits. In areas with stricter roading laws, the TMS800-2 can carry 8.2 tonnes and remain under 45.4 tonnes/100,000lbs Gross Vehicle Weight, and 11.35 tonne/25,000lbs axle loads. The crane has an overall width of 2.5 metres.
The crane retains the four section, 39 metre main Megaform Twin lock pinned boom, topped by a 10.4 to 17.4 telescopic swingaway extension with manual or hydraulic offset of up to 45 degree, with a maximum tip height of 59 metres.

Grove’s MAXbase system allows the outriggers to be positioned independently and asymmetrically with automatic self-levelling, while Smart sensors feed the set up footprint into the Manitowoc Crane Control System to provide the best load chart for the actual configuration leading to capacity improvements of up to 30 percent.

Power comes from a new, more powerful, six cylinder Cummins diesel linked to an Eaton Roadranger manual transmission with 11 forward and three reverse speeds. An optional automatic Eaton Fuller UltraShift Plus transmission is also available. The new crane is available now in the Americas.

Product manager JJ Grace said: “Think of the TMS800-2 as a lighter version of the TMS9000-2, sharing the same ergonomic cab and having interchangeable counterweights, but with a shorter boom, reduced maximum capacity and excellent roading capabilities. And as the first TMS crane to offer MAXbase as an option, its ability to accelerate setup - even in inconvenient locations - will cement its appeal to busy owners trying to keep up with the demand for their services.”

“The flexibility of the TMS800E made it a firm favourite with operators who do multiple smaller jobs a day, working in light construction and handling trusses, steel erection, HVAC work, etc… Now, with the aid of these proven upgrades in terms of productivity, the TMS800-2 gives them the opportunity to squeeze in extra picks each day to maximize utilisation and to do so in even greater comfort.”


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