Another City for Scholpp

German crane rental company Scholpp has added another City type All Terrain crane to its fleet in the shape of a new 45 tonne Tadano AC 3.045-1 City.
The company acquired its first City crane, a 70 tonne AC 70 City in 2004 and now runs three classes of City cranes, two axle 30 tonners, three axle 45 tonners and four axle 70 tonne models.

The new crane has a 31.2 metre main boom plus a 7.1 to 13 metre swingaway extension, taking the maximum tip height to more than 45 metres. The crane features Tadano’s Flex Base variable outrigger set-up, with the crane control system monitoring actual beam extension and slew position to calculate the optimum load chart for the configuration. Scholpp has also ordered the new crane plumbed ready for the Tadano E-Pack battery electric power unit, which allows it to operate noise and emission free. The company has several other new Tadanos with this feature, allowing the common power pack to be shared between them.
The handover

Scholpp will use its new City mainly for industrial plant installations such as setting up overhead cranes. Heilbronn branch manager Patrick Löffler said: “With its short base boom section, low height and ability to telescope under load, it’s simply ideal for these sorts of jobs. The cruise control makes for super-easy driving and Tadano has seriously spec’d up the performance. The E-Pack will enable us to use the crane for lifts in environments like cleanrooms, were emission-free operation is paramount.
(L-R) Patrick Löffler, Reinhold Beitinger, Hubert Vogt and Jan Meißner of Scholpp, with Michael Zieger of Tadano

“These cranes are as flexible and versatile as any you could possibly wish for and great thing about Tadano’s electro-hydraulic E-Pack system is that it’s compatible with several different crane types,” adds Jan Meißner, regional manager for the Rhine-Neckar region.


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