NY crane boom failure

A loader crane boom suffered a catastrophic structural failure in New York yesterday, its long boom came down across the road, landing on an occupied car.

It seems that the fully extended boom of the crane, a Fassi, was lifting a load of rebar to the top of the building with the boom and jib at a very steep angle, when it literally snapped off and went over the back. it seems that the operator had managed to backload the boom, incurring stresses that the crane is not designed to withstand. One report claims that the outriggers had not been set and that the chassis was tilted to the rear, which would have exasperated the situation.

Thankfully the occupant, a women, 22, survived the impact and has been released from hospital after treatment for minor injuries.
The incident occurred in the Bronx area of the city. Another person was injured and taken to hospital although their injuries are not thought to be life threatening.

The Department of Buildings said that it has issued a partial stop work order, halting deliveries and restricting work above 23 metres until safety conditions are resolved, they include failure to safeguard the construction site, failure to have the construction elevator in a state of readiness, and failure to obtain electrical permits for certain equipment on the site.


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