Manitowoc updates the 999 into the MLC250

The 250 tonne Manitowoc 999 lattice boomed crawler crane has been updated and upgraded into the MLC250, using common componentry and designs to other models in the Manitowoc range.

While the MLC250 includes significant updates and changes it retains many of the characteristics that have built the 999’s reputation in the North American infrastructure, refinery and commercial building markets. The improvements are, says the company, aimed at providing more comfort for operators while being easier and more efficient to repair and maintain.

The key specifications remain largely unchanged, with the same boom sections and 88.4 metre maximum boom length, while jib choices include a 24.4 metre fixed jib, or 73.2 metre luffing jib. Load charts remain largely unchanged.
One significant difference is a switch to open-loop hydraulics,versus the closed-loop system of the 999. Now, every main function aside from slew is powered by the same two main pumps for a more robust performance, along with faster engine starting in cold weather. Power comes from a more efficient Tier 4F Cummins diesel that also complies with EU Stage V regulations.

Several changes have been made to the carbody, with its counterweights now forming part of the lower deck serving as part of the walkway, replacing the 999’s walkways that folded down over the counterweights. Taking inspiration from the MLC100 and MLC150, the new model features fabricated steel component enclosures with swing open doors, rather than the fiberglass gullwing doors of its predecessor, for improved access and mobility around the crane. The superstructure is reached via new steps mounted onto the undercarriage.
The standard track pads are 48”/1.2 metres wide, with the option of 60ʺ/1.52 metre pads for increased stability and lower ground pressures. The track drive motor is relocated from the carbody to a direct drive on the track frame for improved performance.

The new operator’s cab is wider and tilts up to 20 degrees and features the easier to use more modern Manitowoc Crane Control System (CCS) with a full colour graphic display and dual axis electronic joysticks. An optional ‘Vision Cab, is also available, similar to that offered on MLC300 and MLC650 models.

Product manager Brennan Seeliger said: “The Model 999 has been a firm favourite with contractors in the heavy construction and energy sectors for 20 years, providing enough reach and capacity to tackle virtually any job. Feedback received through our Voice of the Customer new product development process showed that users were still satisfied with its performance, but there were areas that could be enhanced to bring it in line with our newer crawlers. Following a wide range of updates, it seemed only logical to move the 999 into the MLC line-up, which shares many of those same features.”
The MLC250 is now available now for order worldwide.


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