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First Falcon in Jersey

Danish spider lift manufacturer has delivered its first unit to Jersey in the Channel Islands - between France and England. The machine, a 42 metre Falcon FS420 Double Track, also becomes the largest spider lift operating in the islands.
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Jersey’s first Falcon

The new machine has diesel power for working outdoors and a battery pack for indoor jobs and can also be plugged in. The unit is mounted on two sets of trunnion mounted rubber tracks for low ground pressures and the ability to adapt to variable ground conditions. It features a six section main boom and two section folding and articulating jib, providing up to 17 metres reach at heights of between three and 12 metres with 100kg in the platform, or 16 metres outreach at up to 32 metres working heights. The 200kg maximum capacity is available at up to 15 metres outreach. The overall width is 1.22 metres and total weight 8,200kg.

The unit was purchased by rental company 4Group/4hire rental for a residential development project. The enquiry was received by Falcon in 2020 as a direct purchase by the developer who worked with Falcon's technical department to find the best solution for maintaining the building complex. As things moved on the end user decided that renting the machine provided the best solution and contacted 4hire.
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Falcon sales director Brian Falck-Schmidt said: “This is the first unit we have delivered to Jersey and we are quite excited by the trust that Wojciech Duszkiewicz and Nicky Horsfall - both directors at 4Group -and their team have shown our company by choosing Falcon Lifts as their partner.

Wojciech Duszkiewicz added: “After a long wait, we are delighted to announce the arrival of our latest addition to the fleet the Falcon FS420 Double Crawler Spider lift. We recognise Falcon Lifts for the quality of service provided by the company. We sincerely appreciate the efficient, gracious customer service, the level of detail and accountability they have demonstrated on this project.”

“I am also pleased with the GSM service module and onboard diagnostic system that allows superb service back up by the Falcon team within a few minutes,” added Nicky Horsfall.

Based in Grouville, Jersey, 4Hire also has a location in Guernsey and is a general rental company offering everything from aerial work platforms to telehandlers, excavators and tools.