Wolffkran's new 8076 Compact

Wolffkran has assembled the prototype of its latest tower crane, the 800 tonne/metre Wolff 8076 Compact which is due to be launched at bauma next month. The crane was announced at the very end of last year with bauma planned for its first public showing.

The manufacturer recruited local rental company Wiesbauer to provide the installation crane and the job brief was very clearly defined: The crane had to be erected under realistic work site conditions from a single location with the smallest amount of effort possible and as quickly as possible. The 8076 was erected with a hook height of 44.1 metres, while the heaviest component was the counter jib, with an all up weight of 27.3 tonnes.
The heaviest component was the 27.3 tonne counter jib

Wiesbauer selected its brand new 450 tonne Tadano AC 7.450-1 for the task on the basis that its compact outrigger configuration and fast setup times, along with the capacities on its seven section 80 metre main boom, allowed it to lift the heaviest components without a superlift system. It was set up with 59.8 metres of boom and 100 tonnes of counterweight. Transport required two trailers, while set up took two men an hour from arrival to be ready to start working.

Christoph Kriegel of Wiesbauer said: “Theoretically speaking, we could have also erected the tower crane with a 350 tonne mobile. However, that would have needed bracing, and that would have made the set up time longer by up to four hours.”

Wolffkran product manager Michael Engert added: “The moment of truth is always when you erect a prototype for the first time - that’s when you can really tell whether the crane you had in theory is the crane you have in practice. The AC 7.450-1 really outdid our expectations. It is the perfect crane for erecting large construction cranes as far as we’re concerned.”

See the job video below:


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