PM unveils new Heavy crane

Italian loader crane manufacturer PM has launched a new model in its Heavy Cranes range of loader cranes, the 70.5 SP Platinum.

Mounted on a 32 or 44 tonne chassis, the 70.5 fits into the line-up between the 65 Platinum and 85 Platinum. The basic crane has up to nine telescopic extensions for a maximum horizontal outreach of 23.05 metres, and maximum tip height of 26.5 metres. The additional jib has up to six extensions taking the outreach to 33.7 metres and the maximum tip height to 36.9 metres.
the new PM 70.5

The company says that the careful use of ultra-high strength steels has delivered a 20 percent improvement in lifting performance on a lighter and more compact crane. Thanks also to a complete redesign the boom pack and layout of the extension cylinders, in particular the first two, which are now arranged laterally in relation to the secondary boom. This helps ensure that there is no increase in dimensions between models with three extensions and those with all nine. As a result, it is only takes up 1.53 metres of space. Even with the jib installed it does not exceed 1.695 metres.

Unlike its predecessors the crane controls are fully digital for greater precision and handling accuracy in a much easier to operate package. Set up and stowage is now fully automatic, the same is said to apply to the ‘PM Smart Winch’ system.

An anti-sway feature corrects or smooths over quick or sudden control movements in order to reduce safety issues on site, not to mention additional dynamic loadings, helping less experienced operators perform efficiently and safely.

A new ‘CMI Multifunction Display’ is housed in a special protective cover, and provides a constant display of the outrigger footprint and pressures, as will as crane movements and charts, highlight possible errors.

The company says that the 70.5 is just the first model in a series of important new crane introductions it has planned.


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