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Fewer visitors for Bauma

Bauma has issued its initial press bulletin just prior to the event closing on Sunday, The organisers have claimed that a total of 495,000 visitors attended the show over the seven days, more than 25 percent lower than the final numbers for 2019.

The statement goes on to say that visitors from 200 countries attended the seven day show, and that half of all visitors were international. When it comes to exhibitors a total of 3,200 companies from 60 countries booked stands, compared with 3,684 exhibitors from 64 countries last time.

Satisfied exhibitors

One thing is certain, most of the exhibitors we spoke with - the vast majority of them based in the outside South show area - were very happy with both the number of visitors to their stand and the business that they transacted during the fair. Among those,d most said that it had exceeded their expectations.

As to the top end visitor numbers it is hard to understand the statement that 50 percent were international, unless many of those 250,000 overseas visitors stayed in the halls and never made it to the crane, access and telehandler areas. From Thursday onwards a large volume of the visitors appeared to be local residents.

A valuable point of interest would be how many visitors had 'paid tickets' - most ‘business’ visitors did - but according to the local news reports Bauma handed out thousands of free tickets to local residents. As a result, the numbers of what some exhibitors referred to as ‘tourists’ rather than ‘visitors’ were very high from Thursday onwards.

However, that does not take away from the fact that most exhibitors felt very satisfied with the visitors they saw on their stands and are likely to rebook for 2025. The big question is will those manufacturers who did not attend this year change their mind for Bauma 2025?


"Construction_Influencer" You don't need to squat there full week!

Nov 16, 2022

Very satisfying discussions with exhibitiors but the feedback from them is very clear!
The bauma show must be shortend by one or two days!
My favorite exhibitors - the mobile and tower crane manufacturers - did a clear statement that 7 days are just too long! Some companies closed their stand already Sunday morning.
Plaase dear bauma organisation - listen to these companies and shorten the fair for one or two days!!
It's not the mass what makes the trade show, it's the quality/professionality of the people. And they have been therere between Monday-Friday!

Oct 31, 2022