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100 JLG Peco/Ecos for Beyer

German rental company Beyer has taken delivery of 100 JLG/Power Towers manually powered Pecolift and Ecolifts.

The Pecolift has a working height of 3.5 metres, while the Ecolift reaches 4.2 metres. The two mast type lifts share most of their componentry, with the patented wind-up mast raised and lowered by rotating a flywheel, with allows internal pneumatic spring cylinders to raise the platform. Overall width of both is 700mm with an overall height of less than two metres. Total weight of each is 180kg and 305kg respectively, allowing them to be easily pushed between work areas, even on carpet. Once the mast is raised the machines are automatically braked - No batteries, not hydraulics and no electricity.
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The first 55 units arrive

Beyer said: “The patented lifting mechanism of the machines alone illustrates the enormous potential of this segment. The user glides gently in seconds and without any effort, simply by turning a hand crank to the desired height. These new lifts are not only environmentally friendly, but also practically maintenance-free, can be used at any time without set-up time and are easy to operate - the perfect rental device."
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Founded in 1994, Beyer-Mietservice is managed by founder Dieter Beyer and runs a fleet of more than 5,500 machines, including work platforms, telehandlers, spider cranes, Pick & carry cranes, excavators, wheel loaders and forklifts. It opened its 10th location in July.