The spider crane with a difference

Unic’s European master distributor GGR unveiled a spider crane with a difference at Bauma, the 3.2 tonne capacity URW345, or ‘Pop Up’ crane as GGR likes to call it.
The stowed crane uses all of the space in its 3.1 x 0.79 x 1.9 metre package

The 3.2 tonne maximum capacity is available at a radius of up to 2.2 metres and a lift height of around five metres. The key difference on this crane, which earns it the Pop Up moniker, is the rising boom pivot point which enables the entire length of the chassis to be used for base boom stowage, the riser then elevates, almost vertically, raising the boom pivot point to a height of more than two metres, while moving it forward towards the centre of the chassis.
With outriggers the stowed boom and jib configuration is revealed

The rising boom pivot point is elevated

The five section 10.1 metre telescopic boom is topped by a 5.74 metre four section telescopic luffing jib. Maximum radius is just under 16 metres with boom and jib horizontal, while the maximum tip height is almost 18 metres at which it has a capacity of 400kg.
Boom and jib up

With the boom fully elevated and extended and the jib luffed down to the horizontal the new crane has a capacity of 200kg at a radius of seven metres with an up & over clearance height of 12 metres. The outriggers have multiple settings to suit the space available.
Jib extended

The crane’s overall width when stowed is 790mm, extending to 1.1 metres for extra stability while travelling. The overall length is 3.13 metres, while being just under two metres high. Total weight is 3.67 tonnes.

Power comes from a 159ah lithium ion battery pack, while the crane can also operate while plugged into a 230 volt mains outlet. Radio remote controls are standard, as is a full load moment indicator with colour high resolution screen.