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Mycrane enters USA

Virtual crane rental broker Mycrane has appointed Scott Wilkes as director of business development, based in Houston.

He joins the company following more than seven years with Mammoet, USA where he was most recently a business development analyst. A mechanical engineer by training he began with two brief internships with Nucor Steel in Louisiana and chemical company Solvay, joining Mammoet as an engineer in 2015 after having completed his formal studies.
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Scott Wilkes

Chief executive Andrei Geikalo said: “According to reports, the construction industry in the USA is expected to have expanded by 4.5 percent in real terms in 2022, supported by investments in transport, renewable energy, water and housing projects. One of the biggest markets for construction spend and a leader in digitalization, the USA is a territory where MyCrane simply has to be present.”

“Against that backdrop, the timing of the launch is perfect to help all those working in cranes and construction - whether you want to hire a crane, buy or sell equipment, find a new job or identify the right crane for your next lift, we do it all.”

Andrei Geikalo, a former manager with Mammoet Russia, founded Mycrane last year from a base in Dubai, with the aim to simplify crane rental procurement for large projects, and has largely appointed franchises or agents, but decided to set up its own operation in the USA.