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10 Liebherr flat tops for GCC

Liebherr has supplied 10 flat top tower cranes to GCC for work on the ‘Arboretum’, Europe’s largest low carbon office campus in Nanterre on the western outskirts of Paris, in France.

GCC group is working with partner Mathis timber construction to build 126,000 square metres of offices, spread over five buildings all built in wood from sustainable forests with large, glazed areas and extensive terraces on a 22 acre/9 Hectare site on the side of the river Seine. The lifting part of the €650 million project is due to be completed by the second half of this year.
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GCC has two 220 EC-B 10s, two 250 EC-B 10s, one 250 EC-B 12, two 285 EC-B 12s, two 340 EC-B 12s and one 370 EC-B 12 on site, with maximum capacities of between 10 and 12 tonnes, jib lengths from 47.5 to 60 metres and hook heights of 41 to 59 metres. The heights are set to help avoid any jib collisions. An additional 280 EC-H 12 high-top crane is to be used on the construction of the service centre.

Most of the cranes are brand new machines supplied to GCC under a Liebherr leasing agreement, complete with a full service package with Liebherr-Grues à Tour responsible for overall fleet management. Sébastien Chalvet of Liebherr Île-de-France said: “Leasing means that customers always benefit from the latest cranes, while working this way ensures that cranes are perfectly maintained for maximum availability, and we can guarantee our customers the highest possible safety standards."
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The cranes are also equipped with AMCS anti-collision systems and Liebherr LiUP operator lifts/elevators. Site manager Antonio Silva de Almeida said: “Having 10 cranes on a site requires precise planning for efficient site operation. The top slewing cranes have to be coordinated with one another so that they don't interfere with each other's lifts. We opted for Liebherr cranes because of our longstanding business relationship, they are ideal for carrying out this project because of their exceptional cost-effectiveness and safety standards.”
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All cranes are equipped with LiUP operator lifts

In addition to the buildings, there will be a park, a fruit and vegetable garden for the use of campus restaurants, and two renovated industrial buildings. Measures designed to reduce the site’s carbon footprint include the reuse of materials, bioclimatic architecture and a geothermal system that will cover up to 80 percent of heating and cooling requirements.
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When complete the campus will provide a new green space in Nanterre

Liebherr sold off its Paris region tower crane rental business in 2021 in order to focus on the sales and support of its cranes.

The video below provides a good overview of the project