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CC3800 boom boost for Sarens

Belgian international heavy lift company Sarens has ordered a new 84 metre boom booster kit for its 650 tonne Demag CC3800/CC3800-1 crawler and pedestal cranes, for two wind power projects it has booked in April, one in the Netherlands and then one in Germany.
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One of Sarens’ CC3800-1

Under Tadano’s new nomenclature system the Demag CC3800 is now known as the Tadano CC 38.650-1, Sarens has examples of both the Terex CC3800 and Demag CC3800-1 in is fleet. The Boom Booster kit is due for delivery later this month.
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A new Tadano CC 38.650-1

Trade director Jan Sarens said: “The boom booster makes it possible for the crane to carry out lifts that would normally be the exclusive domain of cranes in the 750 tonne class. It provides the CC3800/CC 38.650-1 with cost advantages in many scenarios and since the boom booster not only improves the crane’s performance, but also its cost effectiveness, our investment will pay for itself very quickly.”

The Boom Booster concept was introduced on the CC8800-1 in 2013 and then on the CC3800 with an upgrade for the CC3800 and CC3800-1s in 2017.