Core Access goes

UK access rental company Core Access Rentals has vacated its premises in Wolverhampton closed its doors and its social media channels.

The company which was established in 2019 by owner John Corrie with his son Dean, has a County Court Judgement of £9,307 against it and is listed for striking off. Its latest accounts were due at the end of last year, but have not yet been posted. We called the company’s main number today for a comment and the other side of the story, however the calls were eventually answered by machine which offered is several options - all of which rang out.

We were aware that the company has been struggling for the past few weeks, but early today one of the company’s delivery contractors posted the following on social media. We have removed some of the language and some of the claims for both legal reasons as well as meeting our our own rules. The post is truly shocking... here is what remains of it.

“Well well payed Core Access Rentals Depot visited today to find an empty depot the only thing that was left were the tyre marks on the floor. John Corrie and associate Dean Corrie have ceased trading owing me £7,300 doing their deliveries and collections of Scissor Lifts - always said I was part of family (don't know which part) but certainly have learned something new, I'm so disappointed giving them the benefit of doubt by trying to help and this is the second time, but this time I'm sharing this on the way I've been treated. People who know me know I work hard to make you thrive and help expand I don't have millions in the bank I enjoy working watching you expand and if I can help I will.”

Vertikal Comment

Unfortunately, we do not know for certain what exactly caused the company’s current situation. The latest accounts show £444,000 of assets, but a tangible net worth of minus £38,000 and a negative working capital of £208,000. The company has not been paying suppliers on time for well over a year. It did run bang into the the pandemic and the lock down in its first year, and appears to have struggled to recover from its impact.
It is always sad to see a business fail, given the knock on effect it has on others, as demonstrated by Tony Lloyd’s social media post above. He is almost certainly not the only person or company that got caught in what seems to have been a ‘moonlight flit’.

We hope to be able to update this depressing post sometime in the near future. Other than that, there is not much to be said.


Unbelievable, Few months ago Dean was complaining how disrespectful one of his customers was for not giving him a heads up their company was going under,
Bravo Dean, Bravo

Jan 23, 2023

You've never stood in another man's shoes
Or saw things through his eyes
Or stood and watched with helpless hands
While the heart inside you dies.
So help your brother along the way
No matter where he starts.
For the same God that made you,
Made him too,
these men with broken hearts.

Jan 20, 2023

Malcolm Bowers
Thinking about what brings a company down; it is always people. There can be no excuses, there’s no such thing as a company failures just people failures. By far the majority survived the covid period, many with government help. I would be careful in implying deceit and dishonesty but I would say that being a good salesman doesn’t make you a good businessman. The liquidator will determine whether anything underhand took place. Business naivety, and a lack of financial awareness and prudence seems to be the problem with these two. They would be better off working in roles under the leadership of others. Top strikers rarely become good team managers. Good business owners put their companies and its creditors in front of themselves when it comes to personal rewards such as salaries levels and cars and other indulgences. A ‘lifestyle’ business in the access industry is only possible if there’s little or debt.
Obviously they would have struggled for funding but I do remember John Corrie looking for long term rent2rent deals with other access companies and if this became the case then let’s hope the suppliers, at least, got their equipment back. The liquidator will not find a cash surplus to distribute.
Surely the Corries will think hard about their failings and the effects they have had on others before contemplating their futures

Jan 20, 2023

Which suppliers are supporting them?
How have they managed to obtain credit based on their appalling track record?
This is where the insolvency laws need to be changed and they should be permanently banned from owning or being Directors of a company.
There is bad luck and there is unbridled deceit and Father & Son in this case fall firmly in the latter category!

Jan 20, 2023

Yet again how many more times are they going to do this!!Two years ago they came to me asking me to supply them I told both of these jokers to do one and they said I was making a big mistake not supplying them!! IxxxxS the pair of them.

Jan 20, 2023

Frazer Drive
If any hire companies have been silly enough to give these two jokers credit, then I struggle to have any sympathy.

Jan 19, 2023
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