Crane overturn in Perth, WA

A crane overturned in a contractors yard in Wanneroo, north Perth, Western Australia on Monday, seriously injuring the operator.

The crane, an aging four axle Liebherr All Terrain was set up with outriggers set in board - short rigged if you prefer - and had its full boom extended and elevated when it tipped forward with the boom coming to rest on another crane, a truck and a container. However the operators cab came down on the bed of the truck crushing the cab and trapping the operator, 37, inside by his legs.

It took the emergency crews almost two hours to cut him free, he was then airlifted to a Perth hospital where he underwent an emergency operation in order to try and save his legs from further damage. He is said to be in a stable but serious condition, as of Tuesday night.

The incident occurred at the premises of Mahony Constructions, a company that runs several cranes and self-propelled booms lifts. We tried to make contact but have so far failed.

The news story and video can be seen by
clicking here to go to the channel 9 news clip and video


From the overhead pictures it clearly looks as if there was plenty of room to fully extend the outriggers.

It's so sad and heartbreaking that a young mans life is changed for the worse in a matter of seconds when the accident was totally avoidable.

I hope and pray that he fully recovers.

Jan 26, 2023
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