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America’s first MK88-4.1 for GMVykon

Mexican crane rental company GMVykon has taken delivery of the first Liebherr MK88-4.1 to arrive in the Americas.

The four axle MK 88-4.1 has a maximum lifting capacity of eight tonnes, and can handle 2.2 tonnes at its maximum radius of 45 metres with an under hook height of 30.2 metres. The crane can also operate with the jib luffed at 15, 30 or 45 degrees above horizontal for a maximum under hook height of 59.1 metres with a capacity of 1,850kg. Features include single person set up and operation with remote controls.
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The first MK88-4.1 in the Americas

Once on site the crane can be plugged into an AC outlet and work all day with limited noise and no emissions. For sites with no power supply a diesel generator can be provided.

Managing director José Victor Cortez said: “We are impressed by the MK series concept, its extensive reach and minimal space requirements make it such a versatile piece of equipment and we are keen to introduce it to the Mexican market. Liebherr has also impressed us for years with its customer service, quality and outstanding technology.”
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The handover

Christian Tableros of Liebherr México added: “We have provided our service technicians with extensive specialist training so we can offer our customers a fast reliable service for mobile tower cranes in Mexico. We are also setting up a spare parts warehouse for short response times and working hard to increase awareness of the MKs in Mexico.”
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(L-R) Christian Tableros of Liebherr México with José Victor Cortez and Hector Garza of GMVykon

GMVykon is based in Monterrey with further branches in Mexico City and Saltillo, and has around 400 employees. Its crane fleet runs to more than 100 units and includes truck and Rough Terrain cranes from Sany and All Terrains from Grove and Liebherr topped by Liebherr’s nine axle 800 tonne LTM 1750-9.1. The company specialises in industrial lifting work, including new build and expansion projects, as well as heavy haulage and project management. The current business was set up in 2009 having evolved from the former company Gruas Monterrey.