Terex invests in robotics

Terex has made an equity investment in Apptronik a company based in Austin, Texas that specialises in the development of mobile robotic systems. Its stated goal is to “develop robots that empower humans to live to their fullest potential". In addition to the investment, the two companies have reached a co-development agreement to work together to create potential robotic applications for Terex products.

Terex chief executive John Garrison said: “Multiple trends are converging to drive adoption of human centered robots in everyday applications and Apptronik is well positioned to capitalise on this emerging trend."
Apptronik was established in 2016 by co-founders Nick Paine and Jeff Cardenas, as a spin out from the ‘Human Centered Robotics Lab’ at the University of Texas at Austin, with a goal to “develop the next generation of robots that will change the way we live and work.”

The founders have worked on some of the most advanced human centred systems in the world, including the NASA Valkyrie Robot for the DARPA Robotics Challenge as well as Astra, a compact upper body robot that has state of the art actuation in a compact form, enabling it to be placed on any mobility platform, including Apollo, a NASA backed humanoid designed for numerous applications.
The Astra robot

Chief executive Jeff Cardenas said: "We are at an inflection point in the robotics industry where, in just a few years, we expect to see general purpose robots being adopted at scale across numerous industries. We are excited to be working with Terex as we blaze the trail for the robotics revolution that we anticipate will transform the way we live and work."

The video below shows Apptronik’s Astra robot demonstrating its movements