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All electric trailer crane

German aluminium crane manufacturer Klaas has launched its new battery electric K280 E trailer crane.

The original fuel/AC plug in version of the K280 was launched in 2020, and has proved to be popular, the company unveiled a prototype of the battery version at the Dach + Holz last year. The reception was strong enough for it to start accepting ‘pre-orders’ in October, with the final production machine now on test.
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The new Klaas K280 E

The specifications are mostly the same as the standard, with a maximum capacity of 800kg at up to a six metre radius and a height of 21 metres. The three section main boom and fixed length offsettable jib provide a maximum tip height of just over 26 metres. Maximum radius is 22 metres at which it can handle 250kg at a height of around four metres.

The power pack is said to provide a full day’s work, including using the self-propelled drive function and heavy use, recharging times are not given apart from the fact that it will go from zero to full charge overnight on a standard 13 amp socket. It adds that for more typical applications it has enough power to drive into position and run several days between re-charges.

The outrigger beams are pulled out manually with several widths available, while the long throw hydraulic jacks are equipped with auto levelling. The crane’s stability is constantly checked and monitored via the ASC system, which also takes wind speed into account.

The following video of the regular K280 is in German, but it does show how the crane is set up and performs.