A Nifty settlement

Just over a year ago UK aerial lift manufacturer Niftylift filed a lawsuit against market leading manufacturer JLG regarding the contravention of a number of its patents, including its Hybrid power system for boom lifts.

Proceedings were initiated in the UK High Court (IPEC) in October 2021 for infringement of Niftylift’s European Patent (UK) No. 1,967,486 in relation to JLG's 80ft H800AJ hybrid articulated boom lift. We understand that the two parties then agreed to a mediation/arbitration process. The matter has apparently now been resolved.
Niftylift's hybrid power pack

Niftylift has been very low key about the incident and only posted a brief a sentence or two on the subject, and is not making any more of it. However, we understand that JLG has agreed soem form of cease and desist, and that it will withdraw the conflicting design.

We have asked JLG if it wished to comment