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Telecoms man electrocuted

A man working for a fibre cable company was electrocuted yesterday, while working from a van mounted lift in Hamilton, New Jersey, near Trenton and to the north east of Philadelphia.

According to a statement from OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration), he was 'tying up lines' when he came into contact with a live high voltage power line. The man, Dean Kitchen, 52, worked for telecommunications contractor Legacy Fiber. The company has yet to release a public statement.
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The police statement said: “Hamilton Police were detailed to 11 South Gold Drive on a report of a motor vehicle on fire. Upon arrival officers located a white bucket truck and a yellow box truck. Hamilton Fire Department was already on scene attempting to extinguish the fire when they noticed human remains in the fire on top of the box truck. The deceased was identified as Dean Kitchin, 52. Further investigation determined Kitchin was working on fibre optic lines in the area and was electrocuted by a live power line.”
CCTV cameras apparently caught the entire unfortunate event - which occurred during the hours of darkness - on camera.
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Anyone with any information regarding the incident is asked to contact Detective Robert Whartenby of the Hamilton Police Division Criminal Investigations Section at (609) 581-4032 or the Hamilton Police Crime Tip Hotline at (609) 581-4008.
The incident remains under investigation.

The following news bulletin has more information.