New FB Gru for Nationwide

Nationwide Tower Cranes of the UK has taken delivery of its first unit of FB Gru’s new GA301 self-erecting tower crane, the first to arrive in the UK.

The new crane has a maximum capacity of four tonnes at a 12.5 metre radius and a hook height of 21 metres. The maximum jib length is 38 metres with a jib tip capacity of 1,000kg. The jib can luff up to 15 degrees above the horizontal, for a maximum hook height of just over 30 metres at the jib tip with a radius of just under 37 metres. The crane base is 4.2 metres square to the jack centres, making it an ideal crane for small job sites such as housing developments. The overall stowed width is 2.45 metres with an overall length of 13.55 metres.
the new crane ready for delivery

setting up

ready for work

Managing director Colin Murphy said: “This new crane offers fast and efficient working thanks to its two fall hook design. We have found that the FB Gru range offers quality, fast and reliable cranes and we are looking forward to showing them along with FB Gru at the upcoming Vertikal Days”

Nationwide Tower Cranes has been the UK dealer for FB Gru since 2018 and runs 11 FB Gru cranes in its own tower crane rental fleet which now totals 23 units.


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