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200t Tadano telecrawler for Bracht

German crane and aerial lift rental company Franz Bracht has taken delivery of a new 200 tonne Tadano GTC-2000 telescopic crawler crane.

The new crane features a six section 60 metre boom plus a five to 23 metre hydraulic luffing extension for an 85 metre maximum tip height. Its tracks can be extended asymmetrically to any position, with the crane’s intelligent control system, automatically calculating the load chart to suit the actual track configuration, slope and slew angle.

It can also pick & carry its full load chart and has load charts for working on slopes of up to four degrees. In fact, a key element in Bracht’s decision was the strength of the crane’s load charts on slopes. For example, it can manage 34 tonnes at 12 metres radius on a 30 metre boom while working four degrees off level.
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Bracht’s new GTC-2000 went straight out on a job in Mülheim an der Ruhr

The company also said that it liked the fact that the crane does not need to be precisely levelled up, handy when working as an assist crane for its big lattice crawlers on uneven sites. The company runs lattice crawler up to 1,600 tonnes, including 10 big Demag CCs.

Shortly after it was delivered the crane went to work on a project in Mülheim an der Ruhr, where Tadano organised its first assignment support service, in which a service technician helped set the crane up over two hours with 60 tonnes of counterweight – enough to lift 15 tonne precast concrete components at a radius of 20 metres on a 41.1 metre boom.
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The new crane offers good capacities at reach, even when on sloping ground

Bracht technical manager Thomas Spangemacher said: “We planned 20 lifts a day, moving twice a day, for a period of three months, a job it is exceling at, we couldn’t have asked for a better test. The Tadano GTC-2000 closes the gap between the 130 and 220 tonne capacity classes. And with powerful load moment of 585 tonne/metres, it’s simply a perfect fit for our fleet – after all, our mission statement is that we provide our customers with the exact crane they need for their specific projects,”

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The GTC-2000 can pick & carry its full load chart

Established in 1964, Franz Bracht is based in Erwitte and operates from 16 locations in North Rhine-Westphalia with a fleet that includes around 250 cranes with capacities ranging between seven and 1,600 tonnes. It also provides heavy haulage services and has more than 200 aerial work platforms in its fleet, available for rental through its Hofmann Kranvermietung subsidiary.