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Help needed please

A UK based contractor has donated two 650kVA generators to the UK based Plant Hire Aid Alliance to support people in Ukraine.

The generators have been used during the refurbishment and conversion of the Top Shop building on Oxford Street in central London and will be lifted down from the building in a couple of weeks’ time.

The Alliance has been looking for a supplier of two trucks to take the generators to Ukraine, where they will be used to power a damaged water treatment plant. Given that each of them weighs around 20 tonnes it’s best if they can be delivered at the same time for unloading purposes. They are going to Sumy in north east Ukraine, around 30km from the Russian border, which was occupied by Russian troops last year and has been damaged by repetitive shelling since it was liberated.

The Alliance has been quoted €3,900 each - a total of €7,800 for transport - and given the limited resources is looking for anyone who might either transport them or contribute towards the cost of transport. Note: 100 percent of all donations to the Alliance is spent on aid, there are no employees, offices or general costs - everything is provided by volunteers..

The following letter was received from the city authority in Sumy:

“Sumy is a provincial town located in the north eastern part of Ukraine, during the initial stages of the conflict, Sumy played a crucial role as a defence point, but it was eventually overwhelmed and occupied by Russian forces for two months. Thankfully, Ukrainian forces were able to liberate the city. However, since then, Sumy has been subjected to daily missile attacks, resulting in frequent power outages. The city has suffered significant damage to its infrastructure, including the municipal enterprise ‘Miskvodokanal’, which is responsible for supplying water and managing wastewater for more than 250,000 residents. The enterprise oversees a network of 530km of water pipes and 340km of wastewater pipes.”

“To address the urgent need for electricity, the two generators with a capacity of 650 kilowatts will be deployed to power Sumy's water treatment plant. This operation is of utmost importance to prevent untreated water from being discharged into the River Dnipro, which serves as a water source for seven million people residing in cities such as Dnipro, Zaporizhshia, Kryvyi Rih, Mykolaiv, and others.”

All sorted

We have received news that Brendan Reynolds has generously pledged £6,000 from his Ukraine fundraising charity golf day on June 5th, while the GAP group has committed £1,000, the funds will cover the transportation costs for the 2 x 650kVA generators from London to Sumy, Ukraine.
The Alliance has expressed its deep gratitude to Brendan and his golf event patrons and GAP for their kind support.

The Plant Hire Aid Alliance

The Plant Hire Aid Alliance, which is based in the UK but is increasingly international, is supported by 55 manufacturers and rental companies, as well as individuals. In its first year of operation, it delivered more £2 million worth of aid to those in need, working closely with Rotary International in Slovakia and Ukraine’s network of 70 clubs to effectively coordinate the distribution of supplies, and organised two convoys carrying donated aid, with another planned for October 15th and 16th. The campaign to provide generators has already managed to deliver 150 generators to Ukrainian people, schools, government buildings, and hospitals.

You can see examples of those receiving the generators and aid on the Alliance Facebook page.