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JDL week

The French crane and access exhibition, JDL, opens tomorrow in Beaune and will run through Friday.

The show is always well attended and sociable along the lines of Vertikal Days and the original Platformers Days. In addition to the exhibition itself there are evening events including a dinner on Thursday night, which requires a ticket - available online.
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Members from the Vertikal editorial teams will be attending and gathering the latest news from France. Although this may disrupt our regular news coverage on a little, particularly as we are also closing the next Cranes & Access magazine this week.

The show opens at 9:00 on Wednesday if you are planning to attend we will hopefully see you there.
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Build up began over the weekend

You can register easily on line - for more information go to the Events section or go directly to the website

In case you are wondering - Yes there are a lot of exhibitions this year, but JDL is the last one - at least here in Europe - until mid September. So hopefully no more disruption - until then.