PM’s new 70.5 SP heavy lift crane

Italian loader crane manufacturer PM has launched its new 59.4 tonne/metre 70.5 SP with a series of new features aimed at increasing the efficiency and safety of everyday work.

The 70.5 SP crane, which has been on the test bed for the past few months, fits into the company's ‘Heavy’ product category and can be installed on a 32 or 44 tonne chassis depending on specification.

The new crane has a maximum capacity of just over 13 tonnes at a radius of 4.55 metres. maximum tip height is 34.8 metres with a capacity of 580kg, which it can also handle at the maximum radius of 31.6 metres - this with the maximum eight section boom and seven section jib, which can be raised by 20 degrees above the horizontal boom.
The new PM 70.5 SP with maximum boom…

.. and jib

One of the new crane’s most notable features is the ‘Smart Winch’ which automatically co-ordinates the winch operation in synchronisation with the telescopic boom and jib, preventing two-block situations allowing the operator to focus on the boom elevation and telescope. The function can be easily turned off or overridden at any time by the operator.
The system automatically maintains the same distance between hook block and boom nose

It also includes automatic crane stowage or ‘Auto-Folding’ as PM puts it. The operator activates it by simply pressing a button on the remote controller but must keep hold of the lever in order for it to continue to operate. The company says that the feature reduces the risk of damaging the crane or truck/attachments during folding and unfolding of the crane, especially when the jib or other more complex attachments are installed.
Auto-Fold one button crane stowage

The Smart Winch and Auto-folding features aim to help less experienced operators work efficiently and safely. The features will be available in the near future on all medium to large cranes with a digital interface.

PM is also working on a load control device that helps limit or prevent load sway and swing caused by abrupt operation. We may well see this feature launched at the GIS exhibition in Piacenza this October, along with other new concepts.