Crashing through

One of our readers in Scotland spotted a large boom lift that had punched through the pavement/side walk in Edinburgh on Friday.

The boom - a 93ft Dingli BT30RT from the Quick Reach fleet - had apparently been unloaded or left for collection and was driven onto the pavement/sidewalk in Leith Walk. However, one of its wheels found a void and what happened is clear to see.

The BT30RT has an overall weight of almost 19 tonnes so each wheel will bear around four to five tonnes when stowed, applying ground pressure through a solid poly filled tyre.
Thankfully no one was hurt, and the damage limited to the pavement, hopefully there were no gas mains or other conduits below. It should also have been relatively easy to recover.

In the words of our correspondent: “Passed this this incident in Edinburgh today. Not my job just one I walked past. Classic Friday job in Edinburgh where everyone is driving all over the footpaths.”

Quick Reach has responded to learning of the incident as follows:
“We are extremely disappointed to see this happen given the training and education protocol we have at Quick Reach. Luckily, no person was hurt, and the machine and damage were rectified within the hour. Our team have taken proactive measures by launching a comprehensive investigation into the incident to ensure we have a thorough understanding of what transpired. Rest assured, we are committed to learning from this event and will implement preventative measures moving forward.
Many thanks to your reader who has brought this to the news.”