New truck crane for Hölzl Kran

German rental company Hölzl Kran has taken delivery of a new 50 tonne Tadano HK 4.050-1 truck-mounted crane.

The HK 4.050-1 is mounted on a four axle MAN commercial chassis and can travel on public roads with its maximum 8.5 tonnes of counterweight on board, while maintaining axle loads of less than 9.5 tonnes, it can achieve eight tonne axle loads with 4.5 tonnes on board. The crane features a 35.2 metre four section boom, topped by a 9.3 metre swingaway extension which takes the maximum tip height to almost 48 metres.
The handover

Managing director Walter Hölzl said: “For one thing, in its powerful 32 tonne configuration, the machine can be driven on public roads anywhere in Europe without a special permit. For another, it really comes into its own in tight spaces thanks to its space saving, variable H-style outriggers that offer five different outrigger base settings. Plus, it’s really simple and intuitive to operate - for a fully trained crane operator, everyday tasks like deploying the outriggers, adding and removing counterweight, and setting the configuration are pretty much self-explanatory.”

“Some of the jobs for the new crane will include work on more distant sites for which it’s absolutely ideal, thanks to its lower fuel consumption while the chassis is less prone to wear than All Terrains.”
(L-R) Benedikt and Walter Hölzl with Hans Öttl of Hölzl, Josef Hölzl and Hans Asam of Tadano

Hölzl Kran is based in Reichersbeuern near Bad Tölz and traces its roots back to engine fitter Thomas Hölzl who managed to build a viable vehicle out of two demolished trucks and transported coal for the American troops after the war, initially from his home town of Obersalzberg/Berchtesgaden and then Bad Tölz, before setting up a one man haulage company in Wackersberg in 1949.
With the support to his wife Monika and a growing team of employees he expanded the fleet adding a O&K UB 550 lattice wheeled mobile crane/rope excavator. But it was in 1971 when the crane business began grow, with the purchase a 20 tonne telescopic All Terrain crane - a Gottwald AMK45.
The company’s first telescopic - a 20 tonne Gottwald AMK45

Thomas Hölzl died suddenly in 1987, leaving his wife Monika to manage the company with her sons Thomas and Walter. In 2017 the second generation formally created a separate crane company - Hölzl Kran, as a division of Thomas Hölzl.

Today the fleet includes cranes from a 2.5 tonne spider crane to the 220 tonne All Terrain flagship, along with aerial work platforms, loader cranes and rigging equipment.