Finland’s first Sany SCE 1350 A

Finnish crane and access rental company J. Helaakoski has taken delivery of the first 135 tonne Sany SCE 1350 A lattice crawler crane to arrive in Finland.

The new crane was one of two new cranes delivered last week, the other being a 180 tonne Liebherr LTM 1160-5.2.
The SCE 1350 A - the only non-Liebherr crawler crane in the fleet - is rated at four metres, and features a maximum boom of 76 metres at which it has a capacity of 22.6 tonnes at a 12 metre radius. A fixed jib can be set with an offset of 10 to 30 degrees with a maximum system length 92 metres - 61 metres of main boom plus the maximum 31 metre jib with a capacity of six tonnes at 24 metres radius.
Finland’s first Sany SCE 1350 A

The crane has 54 tonnes of superstructure counterweight, but 20 tonnes of carbody counterweight. It has an extended working width of 6.6 metres with the standard 950mm track pads. The crane can be shipped with six trucks, the heaviest load being 37.5 tonnes - the base crane without tracks. Once on site it can fully self-assemble.

The five axle LTM 1160-5.2 features a six section 62 metre main boom and a 10.8 to 19 metre bi-fold swingaway extension. Three additional seven metre lattice sections can be installed between the boom nose and swingaway for a maximum tip height of 104 metres.
J. Helaakoski's new 180t Liebherr LTM 1160-5.2
J. Helaakoski is based in Vantaa, right on the edge of Helsinki airport, and was established in 1989, when Juha Helaakoski bought his first crane. The company grew rapidly through Finland’s construction boom of the 1990s, helped by a few acquisitions. The current chief executive Tomi Sulonen joined him in 2010 and has helped the company expand, not only with work in Finland but throughout the Nordic and Baltic region. The fleet now includes All Terrain cranes from 25 to 800 tonnes, crawler cranes - both telescopic and lattice - up to 250 tonnes, plus 360 degree telehandlers and a fleet of boom and scissor lifts, along with Bronto 34 metre truck mounted platforms.