700 new lifts for Gerken

German aerial lift rental company Gerken has purchased 700 new scissor and mast type lifts, a mixture of nine different models, both Rough Terrain and slab - all of them electric or manually powered.

The new machines are painted in the company’s bright red livery with manufacturers decals removed and it is being coy about the manufacturers. As far as we can tell the majority of the scissor lifts appear to be Dingli/Magni models, ranging from 19ft slab models to 50ft Rough Terrains with working heights of just under six metres to 17 metres.

The statement from the company said: “Low-noise scissor lifts with no harmful emissions are not only indispensable for indoor use, but also make an important contribution to a sustainable future. That’s why Gerken is expanding its rental range to include almost 700 emission-free scissor lifts in the second half of 2023.”

Markus Liffers, managing director of Gerken Germany added: “Our goal is to deliver the right device for every challenge. That's why when selecting our new scissor work platforms, we not only paid attention to zero emissions, quality and load capacity, but also focused on a wide range."


I think they made a good decision as Dingli's slab scissors have good quality and also reasonable prices.

Sep 26, 2023

cheap is the key word

Sep 24, 2023

Odd that they didn't want to tell anyone that they invested in a fleet of chinese machines..

Sep 20, 2023