Fatal tower crane incident Poland

A tower crane operator died when his crane overturned in Wieliczka, on the south side of Kraków, Poland on Monday.

Three others were injured when the tower, back mast and counterweight came down on site office and welfare containers as well as a parked car. The jib also landed on a building opposite housing a veterinary practice. At least one of the injured had to be resuscitated after he was pulled from the welfare container.
The tower came down on site offices and welfare rooms

The operator, 51, was declared dead at the scene, witnesses have stated that wind levels were very high at the time, although it seems the crane, a Liebherr from Krakow based Firma Dźwigowa Urbanek with counterweighted base, was still being operated at the time.
Photos courtesy of the Fire Service of Wieliczka - junior brig. Michał Masternak

A parked car was crushed

The incident is being investigated by the police and the local prosecutor. A police statement said: "At this stage, investigators are not formulating conclusions as to whether all required safety rules were followed at the construction site. Representatives of the State Construction Supervision Inspectorate and the State Labour Inspectorate are also investigating the case."

The video below captures the incident.