First Igo T 99 in Iceland

Icelandic crane sales and rental company DS Lausnir has taken the first six tonne Igo T 99 self-erecting tower crane in Iceland.

The Igo 99 can handle its six tonne maximum capacity at a radius of up to 15 metres, with a capacity of 1.2 tonnes at the tip of its 48 metre jib. The maximum height under hook is 56.5 metres with the jib luffed to 30 degrees above horizontal. The Igo T 99 was unveiled in mid-2021 with the first units shipping towards the end of that year.

During the machine hand over and training week, the country experienced an earthquake of 5.2 on the Richter scale, while the Potain team was treated to an incredible Northern Lights/Aurora Borealis display.

DS Lausnir is based in Hafnarfjörður on the south west side of Reykjavik it runs an extensive fleet of both top slewing and self-erecting tower cranes as well as All Terrains to 400 tonnes, loader/knuckle boom cranes and spider cranes. It also a dealer for Cattaneo and Comansa tower cranes as well as Potain.