New Magni telehandlers

Italian manufacturer Magni has announced two new eight tonne capacity 360 degree telehandlers, the 35 metre RTH8.35 and 46 metre RTH8.46.
The two new models

The units are both redesigns and upgrades from the six tonne/36 metre RTH 6.36 and six tonne/46 metre RTH 6.46, with a two tonne improvement in the maximum capacity along with up to 36 percent overall load chart improvement. More information is due to be released later this morning, we will then be able to update this news item.

The new models feature dual lifting new modes, M1 and M2, which give the operator access to two different load charts, to maximise performance in different applications. The standard M1 mode optimises capacities at greater lift heights, while the M2 mode restricts reach to provide the higher maximum capacities up to eight tonnes. On the RTH 8.35 the M1 mode provides 20 percent improvements in capacities, while in M2 it is 33 percent.
The new RTH 8.35

The RTH 6.46 has undergone a more extensive redesign and features a new seven section boom to handle the higher capacities. In M1 mode the RTH 8.46 can handle one tonne at a 31 metre forward reach and 500kg at 33 metres. In M2 mode it can take its eight tonne maximum capacity to a height of 22 metres.
The upgraded RTH8.46 features a new, stronger boom

The cabs have been extensively updated and have been moved further forward to improve visibility, along with a larger skylight, complete with a two position sunblind and a more slender steering column. The company says that a new patented ‘Easy Access’ system makes it easier to get in and out of the cab, thanks to a slight offset between superstructure and chassis. The cab interiors have also been restyled, with all panelling now injection moulded for improved durability and a better quality of finish.
The larger skylight

Courtesy lights in various points inside the cab switch on when the door is opened and can be dimmed, while gradually fading out once the machine is switched off. The air flows inside the cab have been improved by redesigning the bottom section of the windscreen, to optimise defrosting in cold weather.
LED courtesy lights are located throughout the cab

A new in cab display screen - the MCTS (Magni Combi Touch Screen) and control system provides access to the upgrade onboard software with restyled interface graphics making it more intuitive and user friendly. The upgraded software includes a main menu accessible from the various screen displays, with new functions.

The main function modes include:

Handling mode: allowing boom and traction speeds to be separated for faster, more precise, movements when extending the boom or travelling.
Eco mode: allows the engine speed to be automatically reduced once the maximum speed is reached during road travel at a constant speed, reducing fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.
Dedicated pre-settings: three new presets can be selected, from the most precise to the most reactive, to optimise the performance of the attachment used.

The new LLD (Live Load Diagram) system, offers three different versions of the load chart screen display.
Standard, displaying all the load curves as in the previous models .
Dynamic, displaying the working area available in relation to the load being lifted.
360°Dynamic, displays the working area available from above, enabling greater precision when working in conditions of varying stability.

Other features include an RFID automatic attachment recognition system which automatically selects the relevant load chart and a standard reversing camera activates automatically when the reverse gear is engaged.

You can also watch the launch video below