MEC’s new 32ft/32 scissor drives at full height

US based MEC Aerial Work Platforms has launched a new 32ft slab electric scissor lift, the 3232SE, which can drive at full height, eliminating the levelling jacks found on some models in this class. The maximum working height is 11.6 metres indoors or 9.1 metres outside. Platform capacity is 250kg with two people or one person when outside. Overall weight is 3,240kg.

The 3232SE has an overall width of 810mm (32 inches) with an 740mm wide platform - so 35mm inboard of the chassis. The overall length is 2.3 metres with the platform entry ladder stowed or 2.5 metres with it in place. The platform length is 2.3 metres, with 900mm roll out deck to create a 3.2 metres extended platform. The overall stowed height is 2.4 metres with the guardrails up, or two metres when folded.
MEC’s new 3232E - no jacks and drive at full height

Power comes from an AGM maintenance free battery pack driving dual direct drive AC wheel motors. MEC’s patented Leak Containment System is also standard equipment.

Engineering vice president Gary Crook said: “Driving at full height is a bedrock requirement and expectation of any self-propelled work platform. Driving at full height is the better solution that MEC has brought to this category.”

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Vertikal Comment

This looks like a wonder machine, its 30mm narrower than the Genie GS3232Edrive, (the Genie platform is 20mm wider than the chassis) has 23kg more platform capacity and over three metres more drive height, 600mm more working height outdoors, a few millimetres longer platform, a little more working height outside and yet it does not require the levelling jacks?

There is no magic in this world, so what’s the trade off? It is around 840kg heavier, and the platform is 100mm narrower. For most end users this will not be an issue, but if you want to move this around on a 3.5 tonne truck or trailer - it might be. The other thing to consider are the jacks - while not particularly desirable on a slab electric, there may well be times when five degrees of levelling ability might be handy. As with all things ‘You pays your money, and you takes your choice’. One thing for sure this an excellent and innovative addition to the range of products available in this sector and is likely to do very well.


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One for the adrenaline addicts!

Dec 21, 2023