Crane overturns

A truck crane overturned onto a building in Clearwater, Florida last week, thankfully no injuries were recorded.

The crane, which looks like a five axle 120 tonne Link Belt HTC 3140LB from Beyel Bros cranes, had most of its 59.5 metre six section boom out and was placing building materials onto the roof of the building when it lost stability. The initial investigation is blaming an overload situation.
The scene on not long after it occurred Courtesy of Clearwater Fire & Rescue Department

Although the building was declared to have suffered no structural damage Beyal is reported to have offered to reimburse any residents who wanted to stay at a hotel on Tuesday night – December 19th. The initial recovery efforts with two cranes failed, but the process was successfully completed on Wednesday by several larger Beyal cranes.

The following news bulletins provide furhter information along with a little footage of the recovery.