Gerken moves into crane rental

German aerial lift rental company Gerken is expanding its product range by setting up a dedicated crane rental division later this month. The company already runs a number of spider and mini crawler cranes alongside its aerial lifts and telehandlers in the main fleet. But is now planning to add further, larger models to its range within the new business.

The specialist division will include Böcker truck mounted and tracked aluminium cranes, with work platform options, as well as its spider and mini crawler cranes, but also plans to add popular All Terrain crane models with operators. The new crane rental division, based in Dusseldorf, will be managed by Christian Gerken, Markus Liffers and Manfred Drößer.
A six tonne Bocker AK46

The company said: "We plan to offer a ‘full service concept’ giving advice on lifting, equipment, delivery, service and project support. Also available is a range of cranes ideal for roofers and carpenters which can be rented with the appropriate accessories such as tile tongs.”
The company will focus on accessories for roofers and structural carpenters

Gerken also plans to add All Terrain to its fleet going forward

The Gerken rental business was established in 1989, but the company can trace its roots back to 1963 when Manfred Gerken opened a painting business in Duesseldorf. Having become a significant user of aerial lifts on larger painting contracts, he found himself gradually moving into rental, and set up the rental company Gerken Arbeitsbühnenvermietung in 1989. Telehandlers were added in 2014 and more recently the company has purchased spider cranes. The Gerken fleet is now made up of more than 9,000 aerial work platforms and operates from 37 locations, including one in the Netherlands.