Scissor outreach

Spotted somewhere in North America, a team of people using a scissor lift from the forks of a telehandler.

Clearly there is way too much ‘stuff’ in front of the building for the man using the scissor lift work alongside façade.
One assumes that the telehandler was already on site, so the solution? Move the material out of the way? No! better to lift the scissor lift over the top of it all.

The issues here include the number of people involved for what looks like a minor job – we can see three of them. The other concerns the safety – while it is best not to attach a harness to a scissor lift platform the opposite is true for a boom lift, and this configuration adds in the catapult potential of a boom lift.
Finally, the operator has no direct control over the platform, he is at the mercy of the telehandler operator – never the best solution.

While this a long distance from the normal Death Wish incidents we are sent, it still qualifies.

Have a safe weekend.


If only someone would invent some sort of self propelled, telescopic boom type elevating work platform machine.
Nah, it'd never take off.

Jan 23, 2024