Franna pioneers new Danfoss valve

Australian crane manufacturer Franna has collaborated with Danish hydraulics manufacturer Danfoss to improve the performance of its Mac 25 pick & carry crane.

The 25 tonne MAC 25-4 articulated crane features an 18 metre four section boom and a short three metre jib for a maximum tip height of 21.5 metres. Overall weight is just under 24 tonnes.
The Mac 25 pick & carry

In 2021, Franna began looking at alternative options for the Mac 25’s main control valve which is where the Danfoss proposed a version of its PVG 48 with flow rates of up to 180 litres a minute and automated machine functions so the crane can assist - or even take over from the operator - when an instant reaction is required.
The new hydraulic valve bank

Franna project engineer Adam Murchie said: “It’s the ideal choice for the Mac 25 and likely to end up in some of our other cranes, too - not least in future launches where more advanced electronic controls are key. We wanted a future proof valve.”
Danfoss says that the valve bank works best on aerial lifts, cranes and wheel loaders where precision is important. The PVG 48 was launched in 2023 with Franna as a pilot customer.
The MAC 25 at work with new control valves

Franna technician, Quentin Bourke said: “The initial tiny bounce on the front tires, which you sometimes see when operators raise or lower the boom is completely gone. Extension or subtraction of the boom is impressively smooth too.”
The PVG 48 has been field tested on around 100 Franna MAC 25 cranes in Australia over the past year with positive results.