Co.Me.t adds fire platforms

Italian aerial lift manufacturer Co.me.t is moving into the fire and emergency rescue platform market with its new ‘Euroflag’ product line. The new range will be aimed at all manner of emergency rescue work, including rescues from height, emergency evacuations and firefighting.
The Co.Me.t Euroflag 45

As such they have been engineered with a focus on versatility including the ability to cope with water and foam equipment for effective firefighting operations as well as including a normal basket and rescue ladders.

Three base models are currently in development, with working heights ranging from 35 to 55 metres, but the line kicks off with the 45 metre Euroflag 45 model, which can be configured in various modes and customised to meet specific requirements. The unit employs a four section telescopic boom topped by a two part articulating jib - with a long main section that offers up to 145 degrees of articulation, plus a short end section - providing some additional reach capability and is said to articulated by 270 degrees. A side mounted ladder runs from a point alongside the superstructure control station/ open cab to the platform. Maximum outreach is 25 metres with 250kg, while 24 metres can be achieved with 350kg and the maxium platform capacity of 500kg is possible up to 19.5 metres.
The Euroflag 45 is designed to be mounted on a three axle chassis with a Gross Vehicle Weight of 26 tonnes. Outrigger spread is variable from inboard to 5.87 metres.
The two element articulated jib

Features include a high tech CanBus electronic control system with communication technology, an auto jacking function large platform and user friendly operation.

The first unit has been sold to a fire department in North Africa, but the local distributor has asked the manufacturer not to reveal any details.