Hardly safe working practice

Spotted in Monastir Tunisia, a small team with a truck mounted platform taking down bunting in a busy street.

The platform seems to be way past its 'best before date', and the mechanical platform levelling rods appear to be bent and jammed, while the upper controls do not seem to be functioning as it looks to be operated by a man on the chassis controls.

Also, there is no attempt whatsoever to cordon off the work from traffic, even though the lift’s knuckle protrudes into the traffic lane, and finally, once one bunting attachment point was disconnected, the crew centred the boom and then drove to the next point with the platform elevated, with the man still in the bucket, holding on for dear life. It seems churlish - in light of the other risks - to mention the absence of a harness and lanyard in what appears to be a very shallow bucket.

Even by local standards this is a little crazy - this looks even dodgier than a dodgy ladder and definitely one for our death wish series.
Watch the whole thing in the video below, which can also be found in our online video library.

Hardly safe working practice

Have a safe weekend.